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Narus Global is a professional services and investment management company specialising in real estate.
We currently offer services in real estate, property management, consulting and investment management.
Either you are interested in buying a new property in Turkey, or you are looking for a company which can look after your investment, we are here to offer you the best service.
To date, as international sales and marketing professionals with 22 years of experience, we have done business with clients from more than 40 different countries worldwide, therefore we do speak your language…

It’s not just a set of random services offered by a real estate company. It’s about secure investments with comfort and confidence.

About Narus

Our mission, vision and values are the key components of our corporate character; which also underline our sense of purpose.


To deliver exceptional living experience and returns to investors within the global real estate market.


To expand as a leading provider of professional real estate services and to contribute significantly to people’s level of wealth and growth.

  • People: Choose to work with expert teams with positive energy.
  • Place: Choose the right location for the present and the future.
  • Portfolio: Choose to offer innovative projects, which are adding significant value to their area.

Core Values

Expertise Our skills and knowledge. Expertise is what differentiates us.
Information We always present the facts which makes it possible for our clients to make a fully-informed decision.
Integrity We are genuine partners, providing continuous support. Ethics and empathy form the basis of our relationship with our clients and colleagues.
Passion Our passion to serve and provide outstanding service.